Airman by Eoin Colfer

Airman by Eoin Colfer

Fans of flying and science, this is your novel!

My ambivalent feelings toward The Atlantis Complex made me weary as I started reading Airman. I was nervous that one of my favorite childhood authors would let me down. Far from disappointing me, Eoin Colfer exceeded my expectations.

Airman is an excellent steampunk adventure novel about young Conor Broekhart, who loves science and is obsessed with the sky.

The characters are personable and real—I really cared about them, even the ones who were only involved in the story for a short amount of time. I genuinely enjoyed Coner’s interactions with every single person, even the villains.

You can tell that Colfer really enjoyed writing this novel and invested a lot of time researching the science in it. There were a few scenes where Conner was scheming and talked about propulsion and angles and all that physics stuff. I’m not a science buff, but it sounded accurate enough to me.

This novel really should be given 4.5-5 stars, but I had a couple of problems with it that prevented me from giving it that high of a rating.

First of all, the villain’s name is Bonvillain. No joke. The first time I read his name, I said to myself, “Please. Don’t let him be the villain!” He was.

Secondly, although the dialogue had some really great gems, as Eoin Colfer’s dialogue usually does, there were times when I felt that it was a bit stilted. Maybe it’s just me, but it distracted me enough to make me remember that I was reading a book, and that’s never a good thing.

These minor complaints are the worst I have to say about Airman. It was truly fantastic! Be sure to put Airman on your to-read list! You’ll fall in love with it.

4 out of 5 stars

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5 thoughts on “Airman by Eoin Colfer

  1. Actually, I didn’t like this one very much. I don’t know why. But after five minutes of reading about that princess girl, I took an instantly dislike towards her, and then the book just wasn’t the same for me. I couldn’t finish it.

    So tell me, is that girl a Mary Sue? I haven’t even read enough to find out. I just have a strong gut feeling she’s going to be like Sabina from Alex Rider…


    1. Hmm… I think she may be a bit of a Mary Sue, but she’s hardly in the book. Just a little in the beginning and like the last chapter.

      I never read Alex Rider. I checked it out from the library once to see what the hype was about, but I just couldn’t get interested enough to read it. Did you like it?


    2. Alex Rider? I loved everything about it except Sabina. The action is *amazing*, and so is the plotting. But I don’t know why Sabina is even IN the stories. She doesn’t really do much, except for making Alex fall for her, which is pretty boring on its own…I’ll try reading Airman again 🙂


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